Land Transportation

If you require a quality Road Freight Services ( Road Transport ) logistics provider that abides to your precise shipping needs with reliable, time reducing and cost effective results, then the services of  Inter-Continental Shippers is exactly what you need.

we already know that you require optimum efficiency and professionalism for your Inland Transportation needs, be it your budgets, location or time constraints. So we supply you with an array of streamlined features when you want the most reliable and cost effective domestic trucking and inland transportation services that spans every city in Ukraine. Hence, you can look forward to enlisting the help of a high quality and efficient inland road freight partner that acts as an all-in-one solution for all of your logistics requirements.


we provide the absolute highest level of service and professionalism for its clients.

We provide very rapid service which is risk backed by our insurance policy.


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Need speed? take advantage of our services and save time and money.  Inland Road Freight services have been designed for those clients who require a highly affordable, safe and efficient way to move their cargo from the point A to point B in mint condition. You can also trust that your cargo is being handled professionally thanks to our highly effective and dedicated supply chain management